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Need a Roommate in Leamington

I have a room opening up in my Leamington apartment. My current roommate is moving back to Seattle at the end of the month (yeah, she gave me no notice) - and I need to have someone to move in ASAP to help cover the rent. We're near Heinz, and close to the Price Chopper, Zellers and Tim Hortons. Basically everything you'd want or need in Leamington is within walking distance of the building. We have a big balcony, a little view of the lake, and super nice neighbours that have brought over cookies and left overs, just to make sure we were eating right (there's a lot of little old ladies in the building). There's a pool table and sauna in the basement, the laundry is really cheap, and the building is secure.

I already have basic furnishings in place (all my mismatched furniture from college), kitchen stuff, and have digital cable and internet hooked up. All you'd really need to bring is your bedroom furniture. If you need it, I even have a matching twin bed and dresser you can borrow until you have your own stuff. I've been described as the Monica of my friends - I keep the place pretty clean, and only ask that you clean up after yourself. I will happily undertake ridiculous compulsive over-cleaning on my own time, and won't ask you to participate.

Rent is $450, plus cable. I am not at home a lot, so I never bothered to get a landline installed, but I'd be willing to split a phone bill with you if you need one in the apartment. Preference is given to anyone who will sit around and play Tekken with me when I'm chilling at home.

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