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Day of the Dead, this eve!

The Arts Council's Day of the Dead show is now open, and will run through November 10th. (We're at the Artspeak Gallery, Monday to Friday from 1-5pm, 1942 Wyandotte Street East.) Come take a look at over two dozen different artists' views of the Day of the Dead.

List of participating artists:
Margaret Atkinson
Mary Atkinson
Peter Baille
Danah Beaulieu
Brad Blackton
JoAnne Blackton
Leesa Bringas
Rob Browm
Olga Dermendji
Susan Dingler
Rebecca Draisey
Jennifer Escott
Steve Fram
Suzanne Friemann
Susan Gold-Smith
Laura Gould
Josie Hazen
Barbara Koch-Dong
Suzanne Konyha
Marne Noestheden
Holly Pageau
Rachel Palmer
Juliana Schewe
Deanna Tousignant
Sandi Wheaton
Holly Wolter

Photography, weaving, painting, tattoo artistry, sculpture, lithographs, sugar skulls, magnets, masks, boxes, pins, skulls, skeletons, Frida (lots of Frida!), dead places, dead animals, and mementos to commemorate dead family members.

The reception is tonight, Friday November 3rd, at 7:30pm. There will be food and drink (hot chocolate, fruit punch, tamales, & other surprises). Many of the artists participating in the show will be present at the reception if you'd like to meet them, or ask them any questions.

Both the reception and the show in general are FREE and open to the general public.

EDIT: Tons of photos of the show have been uploaded to my journal, acwr, if you'd like to take a look.

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