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Windsor, Ontario

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For users of Windsor, Ontario and the future home of a Greater Windsor (Tecumseh, Leamington, et al). Hail brothers and sisters from Michigan! Ohio and Chatham people also welcome1.


1) Try to make posts on topic.

2) New community ads please make sure they're related. A community ad about something related to Windsor's end of Ontario or Michigan is good. An ad about a Canadian picture trading commmunity is bad.

The Long Lost Windsor, Ontario Fight Song

Windsor Windsor!
We make cars!
Windsor Windsor!
South is Leamington where they put tomatoes in jars!
Windsor Windsor!
Not just a lunch bucket town!
Windsor Windsor!
Actually it is, not much else around!
Windsor Windsor!
Oh yeah there's that casino place!
Windsor Windsor!
There's bingos and a horse race!
Windsor Windsor!
It grew rich from Prohibition!
Windsor Windsor!
Now it grows rich from strippers and male inhibition!
Windsor Windsor!
The town that I adore!
Windsor Windsor!
Ah it's better than Detroit, the city next door!


1On a case by case basis, of course.

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