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Looking for some odd/artsy holiday gifts?

The Arts Council's holiday members' show (aka Toys by Artists) is on now through Jan 5th at the Artspeak Gallery (1942 Wyandotte St. E.).

The hours are Today through December 22 and from January 2 through 5, Monday to Friday from 1 to 5pm. In addition we have Special Holiday Shopping hours Sat. Dec 16 and Sat Dec 23 from 9am to 5pm.

We have all sorts of different stuff available.......

* Earrings made from polished gemstones, bracelets made from lamp worked beads and bali silver, and from vintage beads and crystal, necklaces and bracelets made of fused glass, as well as other various pieces of jewelry.

* Some really wacky hand painted ornaments, painted on oxtail bones and other materials, as well as hand sculpted candle holders.

* Stained glass in the form of angels, reindeer and other pieces. Purses, handbeaded and made of whimsical materials.

* Photography and original paintings in oil, pastel and watercolour, as well as prints.

* Spoon puppets with handstiched clothes. Small handpainted or decoupaged boxes and trays. Puzzle blocks. Handcarved santa and elf dolls.

* All manner of holiday notecards, by various artists. Assemblages and other mixed media decoupage works, and LOTS more.

We have over 30 different artists participating, including:
Danah Beaulieu, Joanne Blackton, Rob Brown, Jean Bull, Brendan Burke, Parvati Dadwal, Rashmi Dadwal, Viva Dadwal, Olga Dermendji, Daniel Dingler, Susan Dingler, Laura Gould, Josie Hazen, Laszlo Klausnitz, Suzanne Konyha, Esther LeClair, Mary McNamara, Leyla Munteanu, Brenda Pageau, Holly Pageau, Rachel Palmer, Linda Renaud-Fisher, Lynda Rudduck-Rousseau, Eric Skelton, Neda Laketic-Soc, Sofie Stoyshin, Deanna Tousignant, Jason Turpin, Manzella V. Vincent, Sandi Wheaton, and Holly Wolter.

[Cross-posted to several Windsor communities.]

EDIT: For pics of some of the items take a look at my journal here.
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